Popping Balloon Game

Pop Balloon Game

The popping balloon game otherwise known as Bloons now has many sequels to enjoy in addition to this original master piece. Out of these sequels and follow ups the most popular ones include Bloons Insanity Pack, Bloons Tower Defense 3 and 4.

Popping balloons would not be complete without a little brown monkey to lend you a hand. It is the random selection of a monkey, many darts and balloons that have made this collection of games so massive.

Popping balloons is now done by millions of gaming fans worldwide on a daily basis and it's easy to see why this notion has become so fun when you take a look at Ninjakiwi's game design.

Bloons is such a fun, simple and joyous game to play. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how to play it but perhaps it would take a rocket scientist to come up with a game idea to beat the popularity of this one!

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The popping balloon selection of games now available to the flash gamers is over 15! If we take into account the release of such games on the iPhone it nears 20.

You can play the latest balloon game at our website.

I would recommend that having popped many balloons through the original games that you move on to and spend some fun time playing monkey tower defence 3 and 4. These two offer a welcome break from the original games and will also have you glued to your chair for many hours to come!

If you feel that the original balloon popping games are too easy to complete then I recommend you try the pop balloon game insanity pack, this should lay down the gauntlet for you and test your skills as a pop balloon game fan!