More Bloons Game

About More Balloons

More balloons game is a follow on from the very successful and very popular Bloons series. The game description claims this is the hardest of the games so far, let's take a look and see if this is the case.

Let's look at some of the tougher stages of more balloons and how to overcome them:

Level 3, Waffle

Strangely enough on this level it appears that you can hit any one of the balloons closest to you, for the completion of the level, however only the top two will continue on and blow the rest up. If you go for any of the others or miss, then it's ok because you have another dart in the artillery.

Level 12, Bingo

Players have one dart to eliminate 23 balloons in this level of more balloons. The idea behind the level is that only one of the balloons will give you the 100% required. There are three ice balloons that will stop you from popping all the balloons. You have to get maximum power and aim diagonally up and to the left, striking the two dark blue balloons; this will wipe the rest of the balloons out. You can also hit the balloon diagonally to the left and this will have the same result.

Level 23, Oh no

Aim diagonally left, at the bottom of the second rubber brick and hold your finger down for full power, if this is done correctly, you should wipe out the four balloons above, the four balloons in the bottom corner and one or two of the balloons in the middle sector. This is enough for complication of the level.

Level 26, Nope

First, use your first dart to burst three or four of the ice balloons to the right of you; but not all of them otherwise it will disrupt too many of the balloons to the right, yes I know this is usually a bad thing, but in this instance you need to use them as a bridge to get your dart across. The second dart should be used to trickle across the rubber bridge and follow on to the ice balloons. Hopefully with the second dart you will hit into one of the pink needle balloons which will in turn pop the rest of them.

Level 35, Mining

Your first dart must hit all four orange spiked balloons, after doing this use your second dart to get the now clear red bomb balloon. With the third dart get the red bomb balloon furthest away from you. Now the tricky part, just above you is a solid silver block, you must hit the block to the left of this to clear the passage. You have two chances to do this next tricky bit, aim as close to the silver solid block without striking it and release your dart at full force. Hopefully this will drop straight down and hit the one remaining red bomb balloon.

More balloons in my opinion has stuck to its promise and brought the 50 most difficult levels so far, hopefully continuation of the games will be rife and harder levels will follow.

You can also consult our level guide on how to complete all 50 balloon popping levels of more balloons. Once you have completed all 50 rounds of this game why not try Even more balloons.