Even More Bloons Game

About Even more Balloons

What happens once you have completed the balloon player packs and more balloons? Well then there's even more balloons! Coming at you with 50 new levels of balloon popping madness even more balloons will provide you with yet another difficult challenge to overcome.

The game kicks off with a level of helium balloons in a line of jars. The level - helium in a jar - feels a little precarious and asks the question of whether you can take anymore dart throwing challenges. The key is to bust all the balloons out of the jars with one dart and before they float to the top of the screen and hug the metal blocks, you must throw your next dart and pop them in mid air. This makes them much easier to clear up.

Level 2 - Gather Together - A very easy level, simply break all the helium balloons out of the jars, allow them to float to the top of the screen and congregate, then pop them all by hitting one of the many balloons containing pins.

Level 3 - No Ceiling - Another easy level, plenty of darts to throw carelessly at the balloons, you will find that even with allowing a lot of the helium balloons to float off the screen, you will easily be able to pop enough to proceed to level 4.

Level 4 - Angles 1 - Loop the dart over the metal block frame and pop the spiked boulder balloon. Watch it bounce down and hit the spongy barrier to burst the blue balloon seeking refuge from your monkey.

Level 5 - Angles 2 - The same as the previous level except this time you're looking to bounce your dart up and pop the pink pin balloons. Again as easy as they come.

Level 6 - Cascade - Take out the whole entire top row of spiked balloons and watch them go to work on the others amongst the spongy platforms.

Level 7 - Funnel of Fun - Loop your darts into the spongy v shaped container and ensure you strike the pin loaded balloons.

Level 8 - Destruct Fun - Clip the very top balloon on the screen that contains a light saber and watch it unleash the spiked balloons onto the other bunches below.

42 more levels of balloon popping fun await you but I am not going to give the answers away of how to complete them. As lazy as it may seems I didn't bother going beyond this point to try to complete them, but if you are that desperate to know how to get past each one, browse You Tube, there's a whole collection of videos on how to do every Balloons game.

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