Bloons Tower Defense Game

Even though the first Balloons Tower Defence is nothing in comparison to number 3, it is still worth mentioning briefly as it did receive a lot of plays from casual gaming fans.

Balloons Tower Defense is a cute strategy game that has an innocent feel to something that definitely developed into a more successful sequel. The game contains one actual physical level, but many rounds within it. Each round becomes more difficult as with most tower defence free games online.

The idea is that balloons float by the screen following a plain grey track around a grassy field. You must pop all the balloons before they escape and cost you lives. You have 40 lives in which to sacrifice to stay in the game.

There are many different coloured balloons in Balloons Tower Defence but they are all eventually broken down into single red balloons. A blue balloon contains a red balloon inside, so it must be popped twice to be neutralized. A green balloon contains a blue balloon and so must be popped three times to be cleared. A yellow balloon contains a green balloon and so must be popped four times to be neutralized and so forth.

You have the option of 5 defence towers, these are:

  • A dart defense tower
  • A tack defence tower
  • An ice tower
  • A bomb tower
  • A super monkey tower

All towers have 2 additional upgrades that help improve their range and speed of attack. Upgrades can be purchased by popping more balloons and using the money gained.

One point to note about Balloons Tower Defense that is present in the early levels of the game is the time you have to wait for an escaped balloon to float off the screen before the next round can start. This may seem like a small irritation at first, but after a while it does get a little tiring and an option to speed up play would be nice. However in the later rounds you will find that the game moves much more swiftly as you have more towers to pop balloons with.

Round 1, 2 & 3 - The first round is fairly simple, deploy either a dart or tack tower, purchase an upgrade and begin the game. The first round only has red balloons floating past, the second and third rounds throw a couple of blue balloons into the mix but nothing seriously challenging.

Round 4 & 5 - Sees more blue balloons being thrown into the equation. By this point you should be able to afford another defense tower so pick a dart tower and position it as you see fit. The most likely place is covering the first and second parts of the track at the top end of the screen. Round 5 sees more red and blue balloons come together but the surge is nothing troublesome and your 2 defence towers should have an easy time of clearing up the balloons.

Round 6, 7 and 8 - Sees the introduction of green balloons. You will also notice that the balloons will speed up quite rapidly, but even so, your towers should be able to cope with the pace and numerous red, blue and green balloons on the attack. Round 7 goes back to basics with red and blue balloons but puts more into the fold, even so your towers should easily neutralize any possible chance of a balloon escaping. Round 8 has an almost identical feel to round 7 except it has a few more blue balloons to pop towards the end, no problem here.

Round 9 & 10 - Sees more green balloons come back into the mix. They look quite menacing but by this point you should have at least 3 defense towers deployed to cope with the influx. Round 10 has an aggressive swarm of greenies that look as if they will destroy half of your lives by the way they come firing into the screen, but by the time they reach the top end of the track, they should be suitably depleted for a little spring cleaning from one of your lesser towers.

It should be noted by this point in the Balloons Tower Defence game, 3 towers should be able to amass enough points over the next up and coming levels to invest in either an ice or bomb tower. It doesn't make a lot of difference which one you choose, both have pros and cons but are powerful enough to cope with any potential incoming threats. You will find that you have to wait 3 to 4 levels before having enough money to purchase either. The ice tower is slightly cheaper than the bomb tower so if you find your 50 short before the start of the proceeding level, pick the ice tower.

Round 11 - There will be a few lives sacrificed here whilst you save up for one of the towers just covered in the above paragraph. Round 11 bares host to the first show of yellow balloons and they are on rocket fuel! It will be hard for your defence towers to catch both yellow balloons but you can spare a few lives in the name of long term preservation!

Round 12, 13, 14 & 15 - All very similar rounds that involve further green and yellow balloons floating through the alleys. By round 14 you should be able to purchase your ice or bomb tower which will make the world of difference for the task ahead. Round 15 will allow you to upgrade your newly built tower for additional range or attack power, if you bought the bomb tower and additional freeze range and attack power if you purchased the ice tower.

Round 16 - By the end of this round you will be able to apply a second upgrade to your powerful bomb or ice tower. There is more of the same concerning the balloon attack and nothing your defence systems can't deal with.

Round 17 - By this round I got a bit fed up of the game as nothing much was happening with regards the balloon or level variety and no serious challenge was being posed.

Having said that this was a reasonable go by Ninjakiwi at a tower defense game and Balloons Tower Defense is definitely worth playing at least once in a life time.