Bloons Tower Defense 4 Game

Balloon Tower Defence 4 - Newly Updated with DNA Track!

The first thing to hit you about Balloon Tower Defence 4 is the new glossy and enhanced graphics that appear on the loading screen, they kind of dictate how the whole game is going to be, bigger and better than all its three previous versions put together!

Being the avid Balloons fan I am, I couldn't help but explore the premium options available to fans. Not only is there great depth in this new tower defence game but you can also purchase some fantastic additional weapons and features. Since it's release BTD4 has now been updated with the new track.

Premium Features include:

Premium Tracks

  • Beginner track: Daisy track - 1200 Mochi Coins: An easy and fun track where the balloons must pass through the central area at least 5 times before heading to the exit.
  • Intermediate track - Space Age track - 1200 Mochi Coins: A simple track where balloons can come from either direction. The large area in the centre is a good spot to build most of your towers.
  • Intermediate track - Clifftop track - 1200 Mochi Coins: A simple track with a twist - the balloons criss cross the central path multiple times making it easy to get good value for your towers. However there is a limited build area in the upper part of the track and balloons can come from either entrance!
  • Advanced track - Grasslands track - 1200 Mochi Coins: This is a moderately challenging double path track. The balloons on the left most track come from the top of the screen, and for the right track from the bottom of the screen.
  • Advanced track - Inter-dimensional track - 1200 Mochi Coins: This track is bizarre and highly challenging. It has four separate tracks that start on the top half of the screen then loop once around the centre, finally heading to their respective exits.
  • Expert track - High-Tech Track - 1200 Mochi Coins: This is an extremely challenging track. Two separate tracks converge then split then converge then split before heading the exits. Although there is a lot of building area the tracks are short giving you no room for error.
  • Expert track - Railway Track - 1200 Mochi Coins: This track is one of the most challenging you can ever play. It has five very short separate tracks that converge into one. Good luck you will need it!
  • Track pack - 6000 Mochi Coins: Gives you all seven purchasable tracks in one go. Buying them in this pack saves you 2400 Mochi Coins!

Premium Upgrades

  • Frag Bombs
  • Double Ranga
  • Exploding Darts
  • Crystal Ball
  • Dreadnaught
  • Digital Amplification
  • Monkey Tycoon
  • Healthy Bananas
  • Double Cash
  • Buy Everything

Setting aside the premium upgrades there are six tower defence free tracks to play with in BTD4. One beginner track, three intermediate, one advanced and one expert track.

Balloon Tower Defence 4 Update also boasts additional level difficulty within each track. This means there is a two tier difficulty as the norm giving you even more challenges to complete.

There is also a sandbox option you can unlock when you reach level 26 of each difficulty setting on each track. Sandbox mode gives you endless cash and lives and allows you to set how many and which balloons come to attack you.

Apopalypse mode comes at level 31 and this mode features an endless amount of balloons attacking you until you have no lives remaining.

As for weapon variety in Balloons Tower Defence 4 well there are 16 free weapons to choose from! Within these 16 choices lies 4 upgrades for each weapon. The 4th upgrade can only be obtained once you reach rank 31. There could possibly be more upgrades after this one but I was too lazy to find out!

Balloons Tower Defence 4 has a smaller camera angle on the game with the monkey towers, track and balloons all being further away. This makes for a neater appearance in both graphics and playability.

Another great addition to the 4th tower defence game is the fast forward option. In an earlier review I wrote on balloons tower defence 3 I noted the boring time lapses between a balloon appearing on the screen and its eventual pop. Sometimes you can also be very confident that you have the right amount of towers to deal with the next level of balloons and just want to fast forward to a more challenging level to come.

On the whole BTD 4 is nothing spectacularly new, the concept remains the same and the 4th in the series can be seen as a huge upgrade on the 3rd but whether you would consider it to be entirely new game with a new perspective would depend on how much a fan you were of the makers Ninja Kiwi. Either way we hope you enjoy playing Balloon Tower Defence 4 at

If you finish BTD 4 and the expansion pack we also recommend Pokemon Tower Defense which features more track defending fun in the theme of pokemon. This is an unofficial game created on Newgrounds and has become very popular with casual gaming fans.