Bloons Player Pack 5 Game

About Balloons Player Pack 5

Following on from Balloons player pack 4, balloons player pack 5 game celebrates the Christmas period with some festive fun and decorations. For a start off your monkey is wearing a father christmas hat! Players have once again been treated to another 50 tormenting levels.

The only developmental change from player pack 4 is our monkey friend now has a festive Christmas hat. However there is now also another game linked to the main menu. This is a game designed for children or players that might find the regular game a bit hard, 'Bloons junior' has 'easier levels,' with slower aiming and bigger darts, to make it easier to hit targets.

Let's take a look at some of the harder levels of the balloons player pack 5 game and how to beat them:

Level 6, Christmas pack

On this level you must try and bounce your dart along the rubber surface, and get your dart to fall off correctly so it hits the rubber angle, you will do well to miss one of the many pink needle balloons there, which will set the rest of the balloons off, giving you the level.

Level 13, One Present

Throw the dart directly above you at a very slight angle, your aim is for it to fall down and hits the rubber angle. Make sure you throw it at full power, so it has enough power to hit the two balloons at the side and still follow on to hit the one bellow.

Level 27, Santastic

One dart to destroy 103 christmassy balloons! You must aim as diagonal left as possible without hitting the red bomb balloon. This has to be perfect, make sure you throw the dart as powerful as you can, this will enable it to reach the top, bounce off a couple of the red bomb balloons and strike the third one, wiping out the rest.

Level 35, Burn the Tree

One dart to pop 63 balloons. You must try and hit the balloon directly above you at the right angle to hit the balloon opposite it, if struck at the right it will fall and hit the blue balloon at the bottom which will wipe out all the other balloons on the map.

Level 40, Ice tunnel

Aim directly up to hit the blue balloon, if done correctly the dart will fall straight down and strike the two balloons underneath you. This will wipe out the balloons on the bottom row. Now throw you're remaining dart at a 90 degree angle to hit the rubber angle in front of you. Your dart should then hit the rubber angle above, your dart should fall, bounce off the ice balloon and strike the pacman. You must use your pacman effectively to eat as many of the ice balloons as possible. Make sure you act quickly though, every second is vital.

Balloons Player pack 5, brings more merry fun to an all ready popular series. The 50 new levels are festive and offer enough fun to be enjoyed all year around.

The final player pack to date is thought to be the hardest of all the packs of balloons, which is why we have put together level by level instructions on how to overcome each round with the xmas monkey, should you need that bit of extra help. Please find our player pack 5 guide here.