Bloons Player Pack 4 Game

About Balloons player pack 4

Balloons is back with more crazy levels that will no doubt have you hitting your screen in disbelieve and punching the air in ecstasy all within seconds of one another.

For the first time in the four games, Bloons developers have changed some elements of player pack games with balloons player pack 4 game. As well as the 50 new levels, there are now also:

  • The rainbow (helium) balloon, which on release floats up to the nearest surface or floats off the screen.
  • The ability to throw one dart after another, instead of a delay.
  • Players also now have the option to push R in the level to reset. This is also a welcomed time saver.

With development in the previous three games slightly sparse, it has been good to see some development in key areas of the game, to make it a better gaming experience.

Let's take a look at some of the harder levels of balloons player pack 4 game and how to overcome them:

Level 12, Boomerang skills

First, get the boomerang balloon in the top left hand corner. Now aim for the orange spike balloon with your boomerang, if you hit this you should get every balloon past it and you will also receive your boomerang back. However with this you set the rainbow balloon off, you must aim and hit this before it escapes the screen and stops you from completing the level.

Level 18, Vanilla Bloon

A very hard level to complete but the completion looks a picture when done correctly. You must aim at about a ten degree angle and hit the four balloons directly above you. Your aim is to hit the balloon in the gap, and take a slight deflection off of the rubber surface. If you hit this at the correct angle your dart will continue along the narrow passage and clear out the rest of the balloons.

Level 23, Freedom

This level is one of the few, where completion is targeted on good timing rather than your dart throwing ability. Your first throw should aim diagonally up at the two free darts and complete through to the red bomb balloon. This will blow up the surrounding brown bricks. Now comes the tricky part, make sure you aim and take out the lower tier of rainbow balloons, and if you can get the extra dart balloon. Now aim for the higher rainbow balloons. After getting these aim high and to the pink needle balloon, time this exactly right so your dart hits the needle balloon just before the rainbow balloons reach the blue 'level' balloons.

Developers at Bloons have added some small bits for the first time since the first balloon game, this has helped with overall game play and helped smooth out some previous problem areas. Also let's not forget the addition of the 50 new tantalising levels, each one more challenging then the last.

Player pack 4 can be a tricky little nut to crack which is why we have produced a comprehensive level guide in how to complete all 50 levels of this player pack.