Bloons Player Pack 3 Game

About balloons player pack 3

Following on from its two highly successful predecessors, balloons player pack 3 game brings another 50 stages of wacky balloon popping fun.

No changes have been made to the game again, developers stood firm and believed, and rightly in my opinion that the game is doing the talking and it is just more levels needed to be added to the game.

Let's take a look at some of the harder levels of balloons player pack 3 game and how to overcome them:

Level 4, Lacouna

Starting with one dart and balloons scattered all over the place, the player must take the seemingly impossible task and aim to get every balloon apart from one for a passing percentage. The key to this level is the two ice balloons above; you must use them as deflectors to get to the other balloons. Aim at the top ice balloon to get the extra dart down the bottom right, when you have done this you must do the same thing to get the balloons up the top.

Level 10, Mattia Holm

The idea here is to avoid the first pink balloon and aim for the second one, if you do this correctly your dart should carry on, bounce off the rubber block at the bottom, and back up to clip the first pink balloon on the right side. Try to throw this dart at around a 30-40 degree angle and get the right power, it's tough but it's not impossible.

Level 18, Ceze

First activate the pacman, bring it down as far as you can without hitting the bomb balloons underneath. Then take the pacman to the right and up to the second pacman balloon above. Guide that pacman right and into the wall, this will give you a second pacman. Take this one all the way to the right until you reach the brown wall, follow it down to your third and final pacman, eat your way through the two brown walls and take your pacman up to the orange spiked balloon which will start the firework show and more importantly give you 100% and level 19. Avoid the bomb balloons at all costs, because if you hit one, it's all over.

Level 39 Bomerino 85

Probably the hardest level to complete in player pack three, the player must aim for the bouncy surface underneath; hopefully to hit the surface to the right and deflect the dart down, this will set off a pacman which you must guide quickly over to the one remaining balloon. Tip, when throwing the dart you must aim as close to starting point as possible without hitting it, and this hopefully will hit the rubber surface at the right angle.

Developers of the balloons game have developed some challenging levels on player pack 3, I hope they will remain this way and player pack four will be the same. All I know is I am still as addicted to the first level as the last and through 150 painstaking levels I am still looking forward to more.

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