Bloons Player Pack 2 Game

About Balloons player pack 2

The Bloons series is back with a follow up to balloons player pack 1, bringing 50 new levels to Bloons fanatics and new players alike.

Once again players have the choice of playing, regular, or an unlimited dart game. There has been no graphical or technical developments since player pack one; this game simply brings another 50 perplexing levels.

Let's take a look at some of the harder levels of balloons player pack 2 and how to overcome them:

Level 16, Extra Corners

You start with five darts and the aim is to get 55 balloons from a possible 70. Ice balloons block any chance of hitting the needle balloons to either side of you; therefore you must aim for the bomb balloon in each one of the four corners of the map. To do this you must just miss the ice balloon on each of the corners, if you hit any one of these you will freeze up too many balloons and make the level impossible to finish. After doing this, aim up and about five degrees to the left or the right, the aim here is to hit either needle balloon which will wipe out the others around it, giving you 58 balloons popped and completion of the level.

Level 27, Beet the Balloons

One dart to knock out 100 balloons with many obstacles, now this is not as hard as it sounds, aim your dart down to hit all three balloons bellow before hitting the Pacman, then guide it to the next pacman and follow the brown dividers to get to the pink needle balloon, this will then set off a series of needle balloons to wipe out the rest of them.

Level 37, Iced Lolly

Four darts to wipe out a minimum of 30 balloons which include, 15 regular surrounded by 29 ice balloons. The ideal start is to pop as many regular balloons as possible without hitting an ice balloon. The first throw must be near perfect at about 50 degrees and must also be the right power to shape the dart in an arch. Now with your other throw you must do the same, but this time for the ice balloons either side of the now frozen regular balloons.

Level 38, Trampoline

One dart to pop one balloon, but it's not as simple as that. You must angle your dart at around 140 - 150 degrees to bounce off the surface underneath, and still have the power to continue up and dip back down to pick off the balloon.

Hints and Tips
  • Always experiment, it's not a race.
  • If you are intending to hit a pacman balloon then make sure your fingers are ready to control it, every second it's available is vital.

Balloons player pack 2 game brings a more challenging alternative to player pack 1, harder games, and slightly more frustrating, but a lot more fun when done correctly, spend hours battling out a solution to every single one of these 50 new maps.

If your looking for more hints and tips of this balloons game then why not check out our player 2 level guide.