Bloons Insanity Pack Game

More Levels to Send You Bonkers!

Welcome to hell in the skies! The balloons insanity game is entitled perfectly because it will literally send you insane when trying to complete all 50 levels of this rock hard dart throwing game!

Here I give you a level guide for the first ten levels of the Balloons Insanity game pack.

Level 1 starts the game as it means to go on with a rock solid challenge that will drive you mad. You only have two darts to throw and no mistakes are allowed. You have to loop one dart right up off the screen so it lands into a narrow hatch and sets off a chain reaction bursting all the pin like balloons. It can be thrown down either the left or the right hatch containing balloons. Then you must throw your second dart at the balloon that gets released into the air ensuring it doesn't escape off the screen.

Level 2 has eight darts for eight balloon bombs. Throw the monkey darts as hard as you can to ensure they go in a direct line through to pop the balloons. The balloons are positoned in the corners and middle edges of the screen. Level two is actually easier than level one!

Level 3 gives you one dart. You must throw your one dart at the balloon on the right which creates a iced effect and throws the dart over on to the balloon furthest to the left of your monkey which causes a chain reaction taking out all the other balloons.

Level 4 is rather easy. You have two darts, the first you throw directly up into the air so it bounces all the way round in a clockwise direction and releases the balloon locked in a glass jar. Loop the second dart over the ledge on the left and pop the free multi colour balloons.

Level 5 - Throw your first dart down at the balloon containing the pin and then it should bounce around taking out the other balloons including the ones on the right hand side. The second dart should be looped at the bomb balloon hiding inside the grey blocks.

Level 6 - Throw the first dart from your monkey up into the brown block blocking the passage to the pink pin balloon. This will remove all the brown blocks around you. The brown blocks will unleash further pins causing a chain reaction that pops more balloons. This will also gain you two more darts. Throw your second dart up at the balloon containing the pin and the third one to your left at the blue balloon containing the light saber.

Level 7 - Throw your first dart at the glass jar containing the multi colour balloon. Then you must be quick to take out the other balloons. This level can prove particularly tricky. Once you have smashed the jar it is only a matter of time before the multi colour balloon floats up off the screen. You must try to nail it at any of the four given points where the other balloons lie. You do not have a spare dart to take this balloon out separately so it must be popped along with one of the static balloons.

Level 8 - Level 8 of balloons insanity is easy, throw one dart down at the the balloon in the bottom left hand corner and the other dart up at the spiked boulder balloon, then your done!

Level 9 - Level 9 is as easy as Level 8, just hit all the available light saber blue balloons with your darts and watch the chain reactions, then your done!

Level 10 - Throw your first monkey dart at the blue balloon in the bottom left corner nestled between the brown blocks. Throw your second dart at the newly exposed blue balloon directly beneath you. Bounce the third dart off the second black block to the bottom right of you. Bounce the fourth dart off the black block below and to your left thus exposing the brown blocks to the top right of your monkey. Finally loop your last dart over the top of the grey blocks and down onto the pink pin containing balloons.

If you would like to get some help with this game then please check out our balloons insanity level guide which has a break down of all 50 levels and how to overcome each one.