Bloons Spring Fling Game

Spring is in The Air With Bloons 2 Add on Bloons Spring Fling

The Good:

  • 48 new puzzles, including some devious challenges toward the end
  • The soundtrack is extremely soothing and not at all annoying after awhile
  • Spring themed levels bring new challenges to the balloon popping puzzle fun
  • New balloon mechanics make for some interesting puzzles

The Bad:

  • The graphics really could use an update
  • MochiCoins pay items make the game almost too easy
  • Only 48 levels make Spring Fling a bite-sized snack compared to Bloons 2

If you're itching for more balloon popping puzzling action, the guys at Ninja Kiwi have you covered with their latest addition to the Bloons series. The Bloons series took the world by storm in it's relative simplicity; each level has a specific number of balloons that must be popped in order to progress to the next level. While the concept sounds pretty bland when described in such an austere manner, the new balloon mechanics that come into play on these spring-themed levels make for interesting circumstances and downright challenging levels.

Each of the 48 levels is presented in pastels with new mechanics and challenges being introduced as you progress through the levels. The basic gameplay is still the same, as you're still a monkey on a stationary platform with an arsenal of darts and other weapons to use in order to try and meet your goal. Some weapons have interesting mechanics, such as the boomerang that can be thrown at an angle so that it returns to pop balloons in a completely different location on the screen.

The colored balloons that change according to how many hits they've taken return in Spring Fling, so if you see a level with an oddly high pop count, there are usually several of these balloons featured on the level. Sometimes these levels are easy to complete, such as one in particular that requires 350 pops, but gives you a dart upgrade that shoots three darts per one ammunition in order to complete the level.

New mechanics that work their way into Balloons Spring Fling include flower balloons and bee balloons, both of which work together to help increase your pop count. For example, one of the early levels in the game features the monkey completely enclosed in rubber blocks. Darts fired at these blocks quickly bounce around, hitting other rubber blocks and dissolving them before flying off-screen. You have a limited number of darts to use to get rid of this rubber barrier, which makes the level challenging enough, but you must also save enough darts in order to activate the flower and bee balloons.

Upon activation, the flower balloons spring open to create a floral pattern that reveals several more balloons. There are several of these flower balloons contained throughout the level, so it becomes imperative to activate all of these balloons before popping the bee balloon, as the bees are attracted to the flowers and will then pop them for you.

Mechanics like this are what make Balloons Spring Fling a refreshing, albeit short entry to the Bloons series. While the game only contains 48 levels, the difficulty ramp for these levels is particularly steep, even if you're familiar with the Bloons series. Where as previous entries were divided up into zones, each containing a theme with progressive difficulty, Spring Fling sees much less of a learning curve afforded to new players.

I can only assume this is because Ninja Kiwi assumes those who will play Spring Fling will be familiar with the series and will understand the mechanics before diving in. That is not to say the game is impossible for anyone who is new to the mechanics, but that playing through previous entries will help you get better accommodated with the new mechanics that are featured in Spring Fling.

As previously mentioned, not all of the mechanics in the game are there to help you. While the triple dart power up and the boomerang are nice, there are certain blocks that present quite the challenge for new and veteran players alike. For example, one of the earlier levels features blocks that are arranged in the shape of an Easter basket. These blocks function similarly to blocks in a Breakout game, where hitting them with your dart will cause them to disappear, creating a bath for you to gather the egg balloons inside. However, because of the arrangement of the blocks and the eggs inside the basket, finding the correct trajectory to break the blocks and still have enough darts to pop all of the balloons inside provides an interesting challenge.

As with previous titles in the series, Bloons 2: Spring Fling features MochiCoins integration. This is great for those who want to spend a few coins to gain some perks, such as advanced trajectory calculation and more darts per level, but these addons tend to make the game even more easy. If you find the added difficulty of the game is too hard, you might want to consider investing in the MochiCoins to purchase these upgrades in order to finish it. However, if you're up for a challenge, attempting to beat all the levels without these premium enhancements is certainly something to be considered hardcore.

The soundtrack provided while you play is actually quite soothing, and I found myself leaving the music on despite usually turning off flash music after playing for a few hours. It has soothing undertones that are not too distracting, while the beat is just varied enough to not feel as though you're listening to the same thirty second clip over and over. The sound effects for the game have been reused from previous entries, but that's to be expected given the nature of the series.

Overall, the newest addition to the Bloons family is relatively short, but the soothing music and advanced gameplay more than make up for the lack of levels. As this is only one of many holiday themed levels released by the Ninja Kiwi team, it's probably a safe bet to assume that we'll see more holiday Bloons releases before we see Bloons 3.