Balloon Invasion Game

About Balloon Invasion

Balloon Invasion by Armor Games is a flash game from that offers players the chance to blow up blimps. As the annoying Zeppelins approach, players must defend their turf by launching missiles, and other attacks upon the advancing enemy. With a modest premise: to shoot at and pop the balloons, the game offers an array of options to enhance a basic scenario into a bomb blasting opportune time.

In this point-and-click mouse-controlled game, players are equipped with an 88mm FlaK to defend against the onslaught of enemy balloons intent on invading their country. If the enemy succeeds in destroying the FlaK, the player loses. There are items beyond the ordinary missile shots that allow better odds at beating the balloons in this head-to-head battle. Prestige points are accumulated as every blimp is destroyed and are built up so that you can purchase upgraded weapons. Air raids come in three different forms and are a string attack on the balloons. However, each air raid that is ordered increases in price per every time it is used. The three air raids can be called either with a mouse-click or by pressing the 1, 2, or 3 numeral keys. In addition, special buildings can be built to assist in the battle. Of course, each building has its positive and negative aspects, and a strong knowledge of the weight of pros versus cons on this subject matter will help tremendously. These six buildings can either be built with the mouse or conjured with the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 keys.

The main map in the balloon invasion game is a starting and ending point for each battle. Players may choose to fight in any unlocked battle on the map. In addition, this means that players may also return to certain battles to work on achieving higher scores or skip battles that are getting too difficult and come back to them later. The game can also be saved, allowing players to take a break, come back later, and load the game to the spot where they left off.

Each passed level results in Commander Points being awarded. These points can be used for upgrades, buildings, and Prestige. From the map, players can also view their badges they have earned for high scores, career goals met, and other marks of progress.

Balloon Invasion offers five different modes of play:

  • Regular- This is the easiest mode, you begin with 7 commander points to use towards upgrades.
  • Veteran is a harder mode, you begin with 5 Commander Points to use towards upgrades, and enemy waves are more extreme.
  • Elite is the hardest mode available, you begin with 3 Commander Points to use towards upgrades. Enemy is tougher, faster, and there are more of them.
  • Thunderstorm - Unlocked once all levels of Elite are passed. Thunder globes are built faster, but are the only structure available in this setting.
  • Fuel of War - Unlocked once all levels in Elite mode are won. 5 aptly armoured oil Rigs are placed at the start, but are the only structure available in this mode. Charging is cheaper and faster than regular levels.

While perhaps shooting large balloons is a far-cry from modern warfare, balloon invasion is a blimp-blasting flash game which provides a fun distraction from other more serious games. Players should be sure to use the Commander Points they have either been given or earned in order to up their reserves for the tough battles that lay ahead. Players should also up their own reserves (food, snacks, etc) for they may not be able to tear themselves away from this game for quite a while.

If you enjoyed playing this warfare game why not take things a little more personal and try balloon in a wasteland, where you control a small character who must fight off hordes of enemies who attack you after an unfortunate blimp accident lands you deep in a wasteland!